Saturday, January 15, 2011

LA Paz

So I arrived to la paz on wednesday morning, after two days of traveling I arrived to the little town in the argentinean north part. The weather is hot 39-41 celcious this weekend and tons of triathletes in town. This is the 27th edition of this race and they have a junior/iron kids race on friday, a sprint and olympic age-group race on saturday and the elites on sunday. The town is full with flags, signs and music throughout the course. They are expecting about 1100 athletes in all the events. Last year I finished 4th and in 08 I won so a podium finish here will be the goal.

From here I will go to Bahia Blanca for a mini training camp and then to costa rica. I'll blog my race report next week once I have some free time. To the left is a photo of me winning the 2008 edition.