Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chritsmas presents arrived early from OGK !!!

I got a nice set of REDIMOS helmets today from one of my sponsors OGK in the mail. I will be wearing them in 2011 again at some of the major races in the US and around the world. I started with OGK at the end of last year and fell in love with them, they have the lightest and most comfortable helmets in the market. They also make other great products check them out at :

Winter Arrived!!!!

So today is the first winter day of year for us here in miami, temperature in the 50's in the morning and everyone freaking out. I had a nice swim yesterday and it was 84 so imagine how it felt this morning. Now i lived in colorado and i remember if it got to the 50's during the winter i would probably run outside shirtless,but not here in miami, once you get use to this heat you can never get use to the cold again.

Training is going well already recovered from my crash and i will be probably going back to La paz ITU in January and spend some weeks training in the Bahia Blanca area about 500 km south of Buenos Aires then back to Costa Rica to prepare the summer races.

stay warm