Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chritsmas presents arrived early from OGK !!!

I got a nice set of REDIMOS helmets today from one of my sponsors OGK in the mail. I will be wearing them in 2011 again at some of the major races in the US and around the world. I started with OGK at the end of last year and fell in love with them, they have the lightest and most comfortable helmets in the market. They also make other great products check them out at :


Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Hey brother, how are you? Liked the 2016 jersey! Keep in touch, Marcos

Manny Huerta said...

hey marcos, yep 2016 the RIO games jersey ;) Cidade Maravilhosa !!!

Hiro Nishiuchi said...

Hey Manny,
That's nice helmet!!!