Tuesday, October 23, 2012

End of the Season

Hi all

Ive been very busy the last couple of weeks, after my last race I moved out of Costa Rica. I had a wonderful 3 years going there for training camps and I want to thank everyone who helped us out,  specially my coach Roberto and friend Leo. Im now back in Puerto Rico and Ill be here for a while that way I can stay closer to my family and also to many of the races that I want to do next year. The winter here will be similar to the one in Miami, meaning there wont be any winter since this is in the middle of the caribbean and the temperature stays about the same all year long perfect for training.

This by far has been the most successful season of my career, back in February I got my first podium of the season in Barbados an ITU continental cup that earn me the points necessary to get into the San Diego WCS/ Olympic Trials.

In March I raced once again at the REV 3 Costa Rica a non drafting olympic distance race where I finished 2nd for the second year in a row, I was very pleased with that results since I was fully focusing on ITU and I was able to get myself back in the podium. Cameron Dye had a great race and I won it.

We all knew that in San Diego the US team for the olympic was going to be selected and the only chance I had was to finish in the top 9,  my best finish prior to this race at a World Triathlon Series was a 13th plc at the 2010 Hamburg so I literally needed the race of my life. My coach and I worked hard to get me ready for this race and I was able to perform at my best that day earning my first trip to the Olympic Games finishing  2nd American and 9th overall. This by far has been the best day of my athletic career.

After that race I had the most overwhelming weeks of my life, doing interviews meeting with friends and getting ready for the London Games. Before London I wanted to stay sharp racing and we decided to race at the ITU Dallas Continental Cup finishing in 2nd and at the Edmonton World Cup finishing 5th. The big race was in August and I had the best preparation of my career, my fitness was very good and I was excited to get there and race my best, unfortunately the night before the race I ate something that Im allergic to, getting me sick and having a bad day, but overall it was one of the best experiences of my life and for sure I will be back in Rio in 2016.

One of my last races of the season was the Guatape World Cup in Colombia, a race that has a very hilly bike course and that is located at 7000ft high making it one of the toughest in the ITU circuit and I finished 3rd, I had never podium in a World Cup before so it was very special being able to accomplish that this season as well.

So for now Im taking a couple of weeks off to rest and get ready for next season. I want to thank once again my great sponsors for providing me with the best support of this 2012 season!!!!