Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monterrey World Cup

This was my 2nd world cup of the year in a very hot and humid  mexico. The swim was on a man made channel that is 2 km long so it felt like swimming in a giant pool, the bike through the fundidora park where in the past have host indy car races was very tecnical, several turns but flat and the run was very hot.  I came out of the water in the back of the first pack where i chase a bit to get back on. During the bike i tried to stay towards the front the whole time and then the run came, I pushed on the first lap running with the first pack of 7-8 guys for about 3 km and the wheels came off, falling off big time of the pace and finishing in 15th. Im now back in costa rica and this weekend im running the biggest road race of the country, its called sol y arena and its a 10k run completely on the sand at the punta arenas beach. Soon ill post some photos and videos from the monterrey race that my girlfriend took.