Sunday, September 2, 2012

The next 4

Hi all

Well in the next 5 weeks ill be racing 4 times, next weekend at the Guatape World Cup in Colombia, this race is at 6200 ft high and it kicks up all the way to 7000ft during the bike. Last year I placed 9th there and it was one of the toughest races Ive done. Next I will be traveling to Buffalo, New York for Pro Nationals and I get the week off after that. On September 29th I will be going to San Diego for the first annual F1 Triathlon, in this races you do two back to back mini sprint triathlons, so that should be a fast and fun one and on October 7th I will be racing at the Cancun World Cup in Mexico. These past 3 weeks training went very well, I got most of my Olympics fitness back since I took some time off after London. After this Ill be heading home to Puerto Rico.

Ill keep you posted on how these races go.