Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitzbuhel WCS

After two weeks in europe I raced in kitzbuhel, it was my first time in austria and it was a beautiful place. The days leading to the race the weather was actually very nice but everything changed on race day. The swim turn out to be pretty even since we swam with the wetsuits and the whole bunch came out within 30 seconds. I found myself in the second pack chasing for about a lap and we caugh on with the front. The bike was quite technical with long downhills, cobblestones and a long tunnel. Right around the 30km mark on the bike the rain got stronger and the temperature dropped to 10 celcius defenetly not my favorite. I came to T2 towards the back of the pack and that cost me big time as i ran the first 6km trying to catch up moving as high as 15th and faded on the last km and ended up in 24th. Overall im not very happy with the result i need to work on some things and nurse my right hammstring that has been cramping up on the 3 last races. Next I will be racing in San Francisco at the treasure Island triathlon in two weeks, my last time there was in 2005 and i placed 6th, from there i will start with the altitude camp ,  ill be sleeping on the volcano everyday to get ready for the WCS in London one of the USA olympic selection races.
here is a video of the last 15 minutes of the race :