Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Diego Olympic Trials !!!

With about a week to go until the Olympic Trials, my last month of training here in costa rica have been excellent, I started doing the high -low training up at my coach's farm at 7000ft high in the Irazu Volcano  and training down in the city, the drive up to the farm is about 25 minutes and every day we drive up to sleep there and drive down in the mornings  to train. Im very excited to get to California and race at the last selection race for the next olympic games and hopefully I get it done and qualify for London.

here is a video that my friend Leo filmed a night that we got some cows in our way to the farm,  they usually try to sneak in and eat the strawberries that are plant inside.

Anyways I will let you know how the race goes in about a week.  Ciao