Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Off Season

Hi all

I finally get a break to update you on what Ive been up to these past couple of weeks. First of all I moved to a new apartment here in Puerto Rico, where I will be living and training most of this year, I live south of San Juan very close to the mountains, very good for riding if you like long climbs and the weather here its awesome for this time of the year. Im getting ready to start the 2013 season with two 70.3 events one in Panama in February and another one here in San Juan in March before I start with some of the non drafting 5150's and some ITU's through out the season.
This is part of my everyday ride

I hope you like Bamboos as much as I do

Other than training Ive been getting to know the local community and sharing some of my life and sport experiences, two weeks ago thanks to my friend Pedro Umpierre  who got me in touch with the bilingual public school of San Juan I was able to go for a morning and speak to about 50-60 kids about triathlon and then I got to eat a meal in their awesome Cafeteria. Hopefully I can keep doing more of this in the near future.

Last week I traveled to Mayaguez about 2 hours west from here  for a pre race press conference, the Puerto Rican National Championships will be held there this Saturday and the race director has invited me to participate. This will be my first race here and its in a very nice course parallel to the Mayaguez beach.

 I would like to announce my new two sponsors, NormaTec ( http://www.normatecsports.com ) and CompuTrainer ( http://www.racermateinc.com ).
Read about the science and the benefits of using a NormaTec after a workout without having to go anywhere, right from your bedroom. NormaTec Scince

I chose the Compu trainer because it can not only improve your cycling but it also makes it more enjoyable than your regular trainer. Once you connect  your CompuTrainer to your computer you can ride many of the Ironman bike Courses or make your own course and watch it on the screen.  You can watch your pedal stroke with the spinscan and do intervals with wattage.  Read more about it here http://www.racermateinc.com/computrainer.asp

Just found something awesome to bite ;-)

We have a new addition to the family his name is Oreo and we rescued him from the streets, when we got him he was in pretty bad shape very skinny and with cuts and bruises all over his body. He is 6 months old, very friendly and an awesome company to have.  If in the future you are looking for a friend for life go to the local Humane Society and adopt one of this, you will be saving a life and getting a very good friend

Adios from Puerto Rico and Happy Holidays !!!!!