Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Running with traffic!!!!

A couple of days ago I ran my first local run race up in Boca raton, the Boca 10k. This was a first time event for me and since it wasn't too far from home I decided to go ahead and run it. I wasn't able to do any hard workouts in 3 months due to surgery and then a bike crash that left me with an injured knee. The last km as we approach Spanish river park we started to pick up some of the 5km runners/walkers and it got a bit hectic. I end up running 31.43 for the 10km or 10.89km (in my 405 garmin) this is an ok time to have an idea of where I'm at right now when I start doing some intervals in one of my favorite running places, the Coral Gables golf course (better get there before 8pm they turn on the sprinklers at that time :) Here is a video Piri filmed from my finish with Johnathan who finished 2nd and push me the entire time.
For now I got a couple of weeks before I head down to Argentina for La PAZ ITU.