Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mooloolaba World Cup Race report

Sorry for the delay guys but here in Australia the internet is very expensive and very scarce. So I was back in mooloolaba last time here was in 08 and we had pretty much the same conditions,  choppy swim, windy bike and hilly and humid run. My swim was good all the work i did during the off season paid off as i came out on the front group, this has been the most brutal swim of my life, i found myself fighting the whole time and did not have a clue where the heck i was until i came out. the bike was a Sunday group ride and the run was quite fast and hard, I didn't feel all that good on the run, i felt like i was stock in 3rd gear but had to do my best under the circumstances and dig deep. i finished 16th  on the first world cup of the year not that good not that bad now just got race harder in two weeks here in Sydney.

fotos courtesy of the ITU media

and also a youtube video of the bike from atkinson's bike