Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to Work

Hi All

First of all I would like to thank everyone out there who supported and helped me throughout my triathlon career to get me to the Olympics. Making it to the the games was a huge milestone in my life and one of the best experiences, Im now even hungrier to get to the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro. But for now I have to get back to training and focus on the last couple of races in my calendar. Im back in Costa Rica for the next couple of weeks and then I head back home to Puerto Rico for the winter. My training for the next couple of weeks will be similar to what I was doing before, 6 swim sessions of 4 - 4.5km, 4 bike sessions  of 2 - 3hrs and 5-6 run sessions anywhere from 30 min to 1.10hrs.

For the swim our hard days are tuesdays and fridays, tuesday we do a threshold set of  300/400 repeats for a total of 1600-1800 main set and on friday some speed set of 100's or below for about  1200.

For the bike the hard days are during the weekends, on saturday we do our long ride of 3hrs  and on sundays an interval session simulating a race, I use my SRM 7 to keep track of my wattage and see my improvement over the time. Depending on the course profile of the upcoming race we choose where to do our intervals either on the flats or on the hills.

 Photos: Samuel Wells/competitor

For the run our hard days are on tuesdays, fridays and sundays. Fridays we hit the track or trails for some race pace intervals (mile repeats/ km repeats ect) and on sundays for some off the bike running. On tuesdays of every 2nd week we do some hill repeats, we pick a short hill less than 150 meters long and we go up as fast as we can having the decent as our rest.

We also do 2-3 strength sessions of 20-30 minutes each, I usually do 2 at the gym and one at home with my TRX. For the past 2.5 years Ive been able to be very consistent with my training and I have only gotten injured a few times and that have been the key of my success. Im now working on converting my consistency of training to racing, I had many ups and downs and for the next couple of seasons I want more ups than downs.

I also changed my supplements, I tried Living Fuel last year and felt in love with their products, they have some of the healthiest products in the market.