Monday, September 19, 2011

Resting and Racing


This week I will be racing in Buffalo, NY for Elite Nationals. I never been there so it will be a new place to see. This will be my 3rd event of USAT's draft legal elite race series and probably my last one this year since I have to do two more World Cups and the finale of the 5150 in Clearwater. The week prior to an event I belive its one of the most important ones, you need to rest, hydrate and eat well. The travel is the most tricky one and it changes with every athlete, some like to arrive very early and some others the day before. I like to arrive early if the race is in another continent but for nationals i will be arriving on thursday for a saturday race. This week prior to a race i like to lower my training volume but keeping a high intensity in most of my workouts. Here are some of my key workouts this week:
Tomorrow Swim
total 4km  with main set 10x100 at race pace with short rest in between.

total 90 minutes
with a workout of 2x10 minutes. 1min on at race pace 1min off

For wednesday a 3.5km total swim with drills and some pulling and some sprints

and a run in the track total about 50 minutes with a workout of 3-4 x 1200 meters with 200 meters jog in between

thursday travel with a 30 min jog

friday just check out the race course and sunday race.