Thursday, August 11, 2011

London WCS

Hi all

Finishing 25th in London was a bit dissapointing. None of the US guys made the automatic olympic criteria for the race wish was a top 9 finish. At the 8km of the run I was the closest one to a top 9 but 18 seconds back wish it does not sounds that much but in a World Championship Series  that is an iternity. Now I have to refocus get stronger and faster for the next Olympic trial event in May where the top 1-2 american regardless of their position will quilify for the summer games. I have a couple of races left in my calendar and  this weekend I will be racing in  Hungary for the Tizy World Cup a race that ive done a couple of times and it is always fun to do, the town, the organizer and the sponsors do a great job hosting us and putting on a great event.

Back in London we had a training camp in Guildford just outside London and the entire USAT staff  and specially Andy our national team director did a great job acomodating all our needs prior to the race. Then  we moved to a hotel close by Hyde Park where the race was. Race day was rainy and around 20C degrees. I got hammered on the first bouy of the swim and from there it was pretty much a fight  the entire way. Came out of the water a bit back but caught  up by the 2nd loop of the bike and  just kept it safe by staying on the top half of the bunch. My run was ok for about 7-8 km and faded back to 25th. At least I got to test the olympic course.

 photo from USAT/competitive image