Monday, September 5, 2011

Por los niños de nadie, niños de todos


Well after a quick break from my recent races in europe i'm back in full training mode, i had a two weeks build up finishing with a hilly 10km road race yesterday here in San josé, Costa Rica (Por los niños de nadie, niños de todos). This race was a though one here in costa rica all the running races are very hilly but by now i'm used to it and used them to my advantage. I end up winning with a 32.20 but the best thing about this race was that it was a fund raiser for the local children hospital, to help those kids that are abuse and left alone at the hospital. I was very happy to see the turnout of athletes over 1000 runners showed up. I also ran this race in honor of Candela the argentinean child who was kidnap and murdered last week in Buenos Aires. I hope these type of events can be helpful to stop the violence with children.

So about my race even though I did not feel that good I was able to push trough and only won by a few meters, the 10-12 hilly hours I've done on the bike this week definitely caught up and the legs were tired. I now have a few weeks before elite nationals in Buffalo then Huatulco WC and Guatape WC. I probably will run 2 more races here in Costa Rica in between then.

here are a few photos are newspaper article.