Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PATCO Champs

Just arrived to Bahia Blanca in the Argentinean Patagonia where I'll be staying for the next couple of weeks for some warm weather training. After a disappointing finish at la paz (14th) I now will resume my training back again to get ready for the next races. Showing up half fit due to a break I took in November-December was the reason of this performance. A few months ago I was able to hang with the guys that podium but that was not the case now, my priority now is the big race in San Diego and by then I'll be ready to race the best guys in the US again. I'm very happy with the organization, the town and all my friends from la paz it was great being there and I enjoy this race a lot.  Soon ill be posting some photos and videos that my girl friend Piri took while there.

also you can read two interviews they made about me and the race prior to the event one from the New York Times in English and another one from the local Parana newspaper in Spanish:

El Diario PARANA

here is a a video from a camera that the Triamax crew set up on my bike: