Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Madrid WCS

I arrived to Madrid right after Ixtapa and got the news that i was going to be able to start just a couple of days before. i tried to get adjust quick to the time sone and rest,  Ixtapa left me with a hamstring a bit sore and tired from all the traveling. At the race i was the last guy called to the pantoon son didnt really had a choice on where to start, and i end up right in the middle. I had a good swim for me, i came in between the 1st and 2nd bunch and got caught by the end of the first lap of the bike by the big chase pack. We ended up loosing about 90 seconds by the end of the bike  and we started the run pretty quick. i hang on with the top runners from my pack for about 6km when my hamstring started to cramp up wich means my body started to give up. I tried to push trough since i really needed  some ITU points to be elgible for our olympic trials in august but the pain was pretty bad, i got passed by 15-17 guys on the last lap of the run...ouch  and end up in 39th not a good day. I will now stay in madrid for the next week and race at the Kitzbuhel WCS.