Sunday, September 2, 2012

The next 4

Hi all

Well in the next 5 weeks ill be racing 4 times, next weekend at the Guatape World Cup in Colombia, this race is at 6200 ft high and it kicks up all the way to 7000ft during the bike. Last year I placed 9th there and it was one of the toughest races Ive done. Next I will be traveling to Buffalo, New York for Pro Nationals and I get the week off after that. On September 29th I will be going to San Diego for the first annual F1 Triathlon, in this races you do two back to back mini sprint triathlons, so that should be a fast and fun one and on October 7th I will be racing at the Cancun World Cup in Mexico. These past 3 weeks training went very well, I got most of my Olympics fitness back since I took some time off after London. After this Ill be heading home to Puerto Rico.

Ill keep you posted on how these races go.



Anonymous said...

Busy schedule!

Be careful of those shifty Mexicans. ;)


Anonymous said...

Just watched you run in Guatape. A friend and I are staying here are were surprised to see someone from the USA. Great job!

Laura Hoisington

Anonymous said...

Was shifty in the top 2?