Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Arrived!!!!

So today is the first winter day of year for us here in miami, temperature in the 50's in the morning and everyone freaking out. I had a nice swim yesterday and it was 84 so imagine how it felt this morning. Now i lived in colorado and i remember if it got to the 50's during the winter i would probably run outside shirtless,but not here in miami, once you get use to this heat you can never get use to the cold again.

Training is going well already recovered from my crash and i will be probably going back to La paz ITU in January and spend some weeks training in the Bahia Blanca area about 500 km south of Buenos Aires then back to Costa Rica to prepare the summer races.

stay warm


peterbajai said...

Come to Hungary! :)

Manny Huerta said...

hahahah no way too cold there

Lachoneus said...

Where in Costa Rica do you train? I spent 2 years there on my mission (back in 2003 & 2004--after you beat me by a fraction of a second in the 2002 junior series). I've been back a few times and ridden up some volcanoes.

¡QuĂ© le vaya bien con el entrenamiento!

Manny Huerta said...

near sna jose in cartago, i also spend some time up the irazu volcano and everyonce in a while i go to jaco for a break. how about you where did you lived ??