Friday, January 7, 2011

Last week at home

So this is my last week at home until i return in march for the Elite sprint championships in Clermont. On Monday I have a very long trip to La paz, Argentina a long flight to buenos aires then followed by a 9 hour bus ride. Ill be in Argentina for a month most of the time in Bahia Blanca south of buenos aires. I enjoyed this past two months here at home with my family and friends and the weather is always better here than any other place in the country. Last year I finished 4th in la paz and in 08 I won, this year I would like to podium and start the season that way. i very familiar with this race specially with the 40-42 Celsius during the run. I feel that Im in a better form than last year at this time so it should be good race. here is video from my last track session running with my good friend Omarto at the nearby track. 4.50 /mile pace looks a lot slower in a video than what it actually feels ;)

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Kelly said...

Manny! Great to see you get some recognition/visibility via the Slowtwitch article. Congrats! & best of luck to you for your season, I'll be pulling for you. Take care!