Monday, February 21, 2011

REV 3 Costa Rica race report

So the race started at 6.15 in the morning in one of the nicest pacific side beaches of costa rica, calm waters and warm weather.  I had a good start right into Fleischmann's feet on the two loop swim. Out of the water i found myself in the lead pack of 4, flash,chacon, reed and I. Got to the bike and climbed the 10-18% half a mile climb right out of t1. Once on the highway i got passed by all 3 of them and hold to  flash and reed to 20 sec for the first 20 km, after that my pace slowed tons falling back all the way to 7th place. Started the run quick and i knew that on that very challenging run course i could make a lot of ground, we ran on the sand, trail, uphill, downhill and golf course and pick all of the guys except leo.  Im happy with the effort, this has been my best result at a major non draft race so far and i know that i have to work more on my time trialing in the future to get better at these events, for now the swim and run are good enough to start the season and now I'll get ready for the australian races in march/april with a quick trip to clermont in two weeks for sprint nationals.
Here are some of the links of the race write ups from the net:
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