Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Viedma weekend

So my last weekend in argentina was a very good one, i traveled south again to compete in 3 events, one 4km open water swim, an olympic distance non drafting tri and a mini aquathlon. all 3 events serve as a good preparation for the upcoming season. I won all 3 events and i would like to thank evryone out there who cheer for me and to the organization for inviting me for the 2nd time.

On saturday morning I did the 4000 meter river swim where i got to swim against some of the best swimmers in the country. the swim was fast as we swam downstream and i manage to get the best current. Sunday morning the olympic triathlon started with almost perfect conditions and in the afternoon the aquathlon. I slept pretty good that night :)

Im now in costa rica where I will be living here for the next couple of months. I want to thank everyone in bahia who took good care of me and ill see you guys next year.

again here are some of the race articles from the web in espanol :

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