Friday, September 30, 2011

Huatulco World Cup

Hola a todos

In about a week I will be going back to Mexico for the Huatulco World Cup, a very tough race, hilly bike a really hot and humid run. Im back to 100% now and training is going well for this time of the season when my body is tired from the almost 10 month straight of training and racing around the world without resting. I wasnt able to go to nationals due to sickness at the last minute so opted for staying at home and train. Some of the guys that my coach Roberto coaches also arrived, Omar from Puerto Rico and the Guatemalans so we will have a good group for training for the next couple of weeks. All of them are preparing the Panamerican Championships.

This week my training was a bit less since I wasnt feeling well last week and I wanted to get the body back to full racing mode and do less quantity.

so on monday :

Easy 4.5k swim with easy run 45 min

Swim race pace intervals (main set 400, 2x200, 6 x100) total 4k
build up run 1hr

Swim 4.5km
Bike hilly 2hrs

Swim Speed day ( main set 2 times 5x75 hard /25 easy and some 25's all out) 4km total
Ran 45 min

Track, 2(1x1600, 2x1km, 2 x800) all at 5km speed  (miles at 4.44, 1k's at 2.55, 800 at 2.20)
spin a bit on the bike and 4km swim

bike in the mountains 2.5hrs and easy swim afterwards

brick bike/run
intervals for the bike after warm up 4x8min at 290 watts  and a run building up every 10 min

Huatulco's Beach


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