Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pan American Games!!!!!!

After a two day trip to Puerto Vallarta ,one day to go to houston for USOC stuff and then down to mexico we arrived to the tourist mexican city. USAT had a very good set up, with the best staff members that anyone could ask for and in a sweet condo with a great ocean view. I stayed with my two roomies Mark and Matt and other than training the days prior to the race we just hang out and watch TV.

 Race day came and to be honest I wasn't nervous at all I kept my cool as i knew that i could rely on my two team mates if anything went wrong. I kept towards the front during the swim and on the last 300 meters a little gap opened up.
quick T1 and we chase for about a lap with matt and mark doing most of the job as the canadians and brazilians had a guy each up in the 5 man break. once we caught up it was a chess game no one got away and the race was controlled by canada, brasil and us. the last km was the quickest as i got on marks wheel and he lay down a 53km an hour sprint to get to T2 first and that turned out very good.

Brent from canada went out very quick and Rei the brazilian and I just followed him the temperature was rising very high and humidity was in the 80-90%. Once we pretty much knew that the medals would come out from the 3 of us I decided to start surging to see how they react brent drop off a bit but Rei was sharp and stay on. with about 300 meter to go Rei was stronger and pulled away and won.

 well Pan American Games have been one of my greatest achievements in my athletic career. Earning the silver medal was a pretty cool experience!!!!

here is a link to the race highlights video:,,386547.html

some race articles:


photos by: ITU/ rich cruse, & brad carlson

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