Monday, July 30, 2012

London Arrival!!

Hi All

I arrived to England a couple of days ago for the opening ceremony in London and I'm now in Guildford about 90 minutes away for our USA Triathlon training camp. The training facilities here are better than back in the metro London area and I will be here until 3 days before my race.

The first day day we had the team processing where we got our uniforms and Olympic clothing it was pretty amazing all the stuff we got. This was the opening ceremony outfit

This is the closing ceremony outfit.

I also had a press conference we some of the biggest Newspapers of the US.

The opening Ceremony was awesome I got to see most of Team USA and I got super pumped for my race, this is an experience that I will always remember for the rest of my life.

 Ill try to keep you posted on how things go here in guildford and after the race.



Anonymous said...

All of us Key Biscayne triathletes will be cheering for you next week when you race the olympics:

Vengaaaaaaaaaaaa Manny!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm sure Jackson High is proud. ;)

Have fun "fast cracker". :0

Anonymous said...

Contigo desde aqui poniendo todos los buenos pensamientos en ti. Bendiciones, mi niño, que triunfes ahora y siempre.


Anonymous said...


You made all of us Miamians Very Proud
Of you! Thank You!!!!