Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Podium at the ITU Barbados

For the second time in my career I traveled to Barbados for a sprint ITU Continental Cup.  I flew on Aliat airlines and on the way there we stopped in Dominica and then into Barbados. The hospitality from the organizers of this event its great, they pick up at the airport, they show you around, they take you to the super market, briefing and race course. Im very happy with them and I would like to recommend this race to any elite athlete in the future. 
 Barbados has one of the most beautiful beaches Ive ever seen and the weather like any other Caribbean Island its hot and humid.

Fot this race I decided to ride my Fuji Altamira with the Shimano Dura-ace  C50 Full Carbon Wheelset and 11 speed gruppo.
The race was a sprint distance draft legal with some of the top elites from the area. I came out of the water in the main group  with most of the contenders in it. By half way of the bike we caught two athletes that came out of the water in front and were on a break away.

I knew that it would be decided on the run like most ITU races so I got ready to have a fast run with my Brooks Mach 15.  I ran with the leaders all the way until the 4km mark of the 5km run and finished strong in 3rd position with a 15:34 running split. For the 2nd time in a row I manage to get myself into the podium in this same race. 

I would like to thank all my sponsors for providing me with the best equipment to get me into the podium once again and I know that there will be more podiums coming up the season. Now I will be running some road races here in Puerto Rico to get myself ready for some of the most important races of the season coming up in June.

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Felicidades, "fast cracker".

--El Mexicano