Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guatape World Cup

Hi all

here is a late race report from the Guatape World Cup, this race was in the mountains outside Medellin Colombia, this was the first time for me racing at altitude (2000 meters high). After Pan Ams games my left knee got swollen and i wasn't able to run for those 2 weeks prior to the race but because we needed the points to secure a 3rd spot I gave it a go and tried my best. The days leading to the race  the weather was perfect and the bike was very hilly something that i could had used to my advantage due to my weight. The night before the race everything changed, as it started to rain really hard causing mudslides and ITU had to change the course to sprint distance. The wetsuit swim and the short and now flat bike course kept us together except on the last lap when some of the guys crash and the peloton broke up. I had a good T2  and took off on the run sitting in 4-5 place for most of the run, with a mile to go I felt that I wasn't as strong as two weeks ago due to my lack of running and ended up in 9th. Overall this was an ok race, I got back home and rested for two weeks. Guatape was a pretty small town and hopefully I'll get to race there again someday.

 photos courtesy of ITU

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