Monday, November 28, 2011

The Swim Band

Hi All

In this post I'm going to talk a bit about an inexpensive piece of equipment that I use a lot in my swimming. I started using it back when I was training with Sutton and every time I feel like I get weak in the water I put it on and use it for a couple of swim sessions. Its very simple, if you have a bike inner tube that you flatted just cut it small enough so that you can tie it around around ankles.

A couple of sets that I like to do  are :

2x(10x100 with paddles and band and a 500 easy) with a short rest in between 100's

another set is

3x( 8x50's  band only with a 200 easy)  with 20 seconds rest in between 50's  but all out.

this of course after a good warm up, if you are a beginner and feel like you cant do it try it first with a pull buoy around your legs and once your arms/shoulders get stronger then you can move on without the pull buoy.  The trick here so that your legs don't sink is to do a dolphin kick every time you breath, sink your head into the water more than you are use to and pick up your stroke cadence, this will be great strength workout that you can keep using it all season long.

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Xampa said...

tks. That´s really a good exercise.
Let´s do it.

BTW, Congratulations about London !!!!