Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Hello all, well Sydney's race was a disappointment but learn a lot from my current fitness level. I traveled there about a week prior to the race and USAT had a great training camp set up near by in a town south of sydney in Wollongong.  So straight into the race: I had an ok swim just felt like swimming in a giant washing machine getting hit in every stroke (this is normal) and didn't have time to warm up for the swim plus i didn't wanted to get cold and decided to try it out.. the russians do that all the time so I should had been ok. Came out on the back of the pack but by the second lap of the bike we were all together except a two man break that had 20-30 seconds lead. Then the chaos  arrived, riding on a very narrow road and having the entire field together was vey sketchy, the whole time guys were bumping with each other (also normal) and I'm surprised that only  a few guys went down, specially in the last two laps. I had a very bad T2 and in a WTS event that could be the race, I was one of the last guys out of T2 and that meant that I needed to do some catch up, my first mile was about 4.30 ouch.... and I set myself within the top 20 guys, ran with some fast Canucks for about 4.5 -5km and the wheels came off fading bad for the reminder of the run. The positive thing about this race is that I actually got a fast race under my belt and San Diego won't be such a  shock into my body. I left there knowing that Im fit and only need some high intensity runs before trials and my coach Roberto and I already plan them for this next couple of weeks.
So this is all for now and ill keep you post it on how this last weeks of training goes.


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